Ballroom Icons: The Launch Party

It is time for the big launch of the big book… Poor Brigitt Mayer… She will be a bundle of nerves having taken the opportunity to do what she felt was a necessity to her life and that was to write a book, based on the people whom she considered to be Icons of Dance.

Spanning many generations and when it was eventually produced it came out as an utterly fascinating, magnificently presented book which would grace the bookshelf of any fervently interested in how the dance of today was so influenced by those of yesterday… and those of today as well.

Harry Smith-Hampshire, Nina Hunt and Dimitri Petrides, Len Colyer, Bobby Short, Gillian MacKenzie, Peter Eggleton, Espen Salberg, Henry Jacques, Rudi Trautz, Anthony and Fay Hurly, Len Scrivener, Victor Silvester, Phyllis Haylor, Walter Laird… etc etc … so many of the Icons stripped of their tail suits or Latin gear… laying bare their inner thoughts and feeling for dance, showing how many handle their “normal” life away from the spotlight which usually illuminates them…

Read the full article from Dance News (1Mb PDF file)

Jack Reavely for Dance News

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