Bryan Allen’s Blackpool launch speech

We were especially pleased to have Bryan Allen speak at Blackpool on behalf of the book Ballroom Icons. Here is what he said at the launch party:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Our reasons for being here tonight are four in number.

We come to launch this most remarkable book.

We come to honour those icons no longer with us — our pioneers, whose incredible contribution to the world of dancing has got us to where we are today.

We come here, as some of the icons still making a significant contibution to the wonderful world of dance.

Very importantly, we come here to congratulate and to thank a quite remarkable Lady.

I have been involved in the production and publication of a number of books relating to our dance world and I fully recognize the great effort, the work, the dedication and the struggle such projects entail. I pay her a personal and sincere tribute in the foreword I was invited to write in the book;

Ladies and Gentlemen, for HER superb contribution to the world of dance, please let us salute and thank Brigitt Mayer.

Bryan Allen, President of the British Dance Council

Read Bryan Allen’s Foreward from the book

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