Who was Josephine Bradley MBE?

Excerpts from Ballroom Icons    © Brigitt Mayer-Karakis

Josephine Bradley dancing with Frank Ford
Josephine Bradley dancing with Frank Ford

Josephine, “Jo” was affectiontely called the “first lady” of ballroom dancing. Those who were privileged to know her, remember her as one of the great personalities of ballroom teachers.

Josephine Bradley, Victor Silvester and Phyllis Haylor were the key players who founded and promoted the enviable English Style of ballroom dancing. They took on the task of analyzing what dancers, and in particular competitors of their time were dancing, and they started putting it down on paper.

Vita 1893 – 1985

  • 1920 dance partnership with G. Kenneth Anderson and won the World Championship in the foxtrot
  • 1924 opened her first school in Knightsbridge
  • 1924– 47 chairwomen of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

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