First ballroom dance history lecture in Blackpool

We have maybe heard about it from our coaches or we have put our own efforts in and researched the history of our ballroom dances and how they came about, but this year Brigitt Mayer, author of Ballroom Icons has pulled it all together into one entertaining and informative history “show”

It was conducted in the Spanish Hall of the Winter Gardens in Blackpool as part of the BDF congress during this years British Dance Festival.  Spontaneous standing ovations were received throughout the presentation and spectators said they had “tears in their eyes”. Part of the huge success was a well structured power-point presentation but in particular the dance numbers presented by an all star cast of over 10 world champions going as far back as 1962.

Dances of historical significance were presented, some video clips shown, but the highlights were the original choreography’s from the first superstars of Ballroom dancing.

We all certainly learned one thing: history does not have to be dry!


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