International Congress 2012 ‘Let Your Body Talk’…part three by Jack Reavely


Day One: Brigitt Mayer  History of Dance: One of my own favorite subjects is the History of Dance and Brigitt must have spent so many hours studying and then arranging this lecture which covered such a spectrum of dance, over so many years that the only way it could be utterly appreciated is to see it yourself.

Within the lecture historical facts were pouring as if golden coins had been melted and the molten 22 carat result was pouring into your intellect and leaving you marveling at the great dancing of the past which had created what we try to do today.

At this year’s Beijing Motor Show in China a new concept car was on show which will be manufactured by Mercedes and will be named the CSA…it is a four door coupe, which is a result of evolutionary thought process. Therefore it incorporates great ideas from yesteryear, coupled with to the innovation of today…wonderfully so. It has already incited worldwide interest and it is exactly the same in my mind, as I watch this lecture unfold before my eyes and ears.

The cast was mindboggling. It started with a gaggle of couples, the men wearing white wigs showing historical dances…elegant and devoid of body contact of course…As if we were within a Royal Court…seeing the acquisition of dances suitable for the aristocracy. Slides and film were shown on a large screen in the Spanish Hall and brought gleams of ferocious fervor to everyone present.   Much of yesteryear still finds its way to today, especially at society events. Fiery Polkas and Mazurkas became fabulously popular, and the Waltz was the first dance to incorporate the hold we see today.

I can only recommend that you too see this and hear the information as it was given, courtesy of Derek Brown’s DVD’s…Many surprises were inserted beautifully through Brigitt’s thought process of such excellence.

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